17 January 2008

Julia's skiing in the trees

Tom said - I'll see you on the slopes, Julia.
Julia, with a gleam in her eye, replied - You'll have to look in the trees because that's where I'll be.

Those who ski, know that trees are tough - especially at 5 years old. What are we creating?

16 January 2008

Julia's first, and 2nd, sleep over

Julia has this really good friend from school, Alexandra. It was Christmas break and everyone - especially Julia and Alexandra - thought it was time for sleep overs. Julia went first at Alexandra's house. The next night Alexandra came to our place. The kids were great - and actually slept pretty good once they fell asleep. Here's another picture.

I don't know what it is with girls and clothes ... In the picture here, Alexandra is wearing Julia's jammies and Julia is wearing Alexandra's jammies.