18 August 2009

Big Horn Range, Wyoming - Climbing & Hiking

We were only here for 3 days but I'm excited to go back. We stopped for breakfast in downtown Buffalo. There was a festival that day. We saw the bed races. Imagine a group of adults or kids pushing a bed full speed down a steep street. Amazing no one was hurt.

Buffalo also hosts one of the best all around sports stores I've seen - the Sports Lure. You walk in and see a full display of fishing gear, tied flies, 100s of guns etc. This is what I'd expect to see in a decent Wyoming sport store. (Well, maybe not so many guns but ..) Further back are tents, sleeping bags, outdoor clothes & shoes, maps, hiking & climbing guides, then the team goods for baseball, basketball etc. It was not a big store either. REI watch out!

Mia felt like hiking the first day in the Bighorns so we drove to Circle Park and hiked to a lake well below Bighorn Peak. Looking up, the trained eye picks out numerous alpine lines waiting to be done. I'm sure some of them have been climbed but this area doesn't even have a climbing guide in print. Out of print, yes. We just need more time and someone to watch Julia at the tent.

We climbed in Tensleep Canyon for the next few days. A few climbing pics and more scenery here. Yes, we're working with Julia to take some climbing shots of us. They are getting better.

13 August 2009

Climbing & hiking above the Arkansas River valley

We did a couple nice weekend trips in July. (I know it's August but the more fun we have the less time I have for recording it.) We climbed at Monitor Rock for a day and hiked to Independence Lake (West side of Independence Pass) and spent a night and day near Cottonwood Pass. ( Click on the pics for larger views of life! )

The hike to Independence Lake starts w/ a creek cascading down to the road. Can't beat that for a start. Here's shot of Mia & Julia at the lake:

Yes, those blue skies and clouds are what makes Colorado.

Camping doesn't suck too bad either. Here's our camp below Independence Pass:

and our camp below Cottonwood Pass:

More pics here