24 February 2009

Cooking & Music without Mama

As we drove home after Julia's climbing practice, we talked about dinner. It became very apparent that Julia believes she is much better cook than I. Now that wouldn't take much but I certainly can cook better than a 6 year old. I couldn't shake her belief though. She told me about when she showed me how to separate an egg (true but ..) etc.

Not wanting to discourage her, I moved the subject to music. We drove home, into the foothills, accompanied by Grateful Dead. I like the Dead much more now than when I was younger. Julia confirmed that appreciation of the Dead is indeed age dependent. She gave it a thumbs down.

23 February 2009

Going home to bury Peter

This morning, Mia is flying home to Schönau am Königsee to bury her brother, Peter. She called her Dad this morning. He said it'll be his greatest joy to see her. I hope she can find some joy within this time of sorrow.

I'll be home working and taking care of Julia, by myself, for the week. This will not be a walk in the park but we will have fun too.

20 February 2009

Peter Stocker - ripped out of the middle of his life

Today is a very sad day in our lives. We received news that my brother, Peter, died unexpectedly last night. A autopsy will be done on Monday. He most likely died from a heart attack. He was in top shape and only 42 years old. Nobody would have expected him to have a heart attack. Even doctors did not diagnose it in time.

We will all miss him dearly. It will be especially hard for his girl friend of 25 years, Moni, and his 5-year old daughter Anna.

Peter, keep an eye out on for your little girl wherever you are.

More pictures of Peter and family are here.

09 February 2009

Ford vehicles & Starr's Clothing

Our 2001 Ford Focus blew a radiator hose. Of course, this didn't happen nearby or during business hours. I drove the truck down to Broomfield and we nursed the Focus back to Boulder with help of a 5 gallon water jug and duct tape. While this wasn't that expensive, it was catastrophic. Lucky that we weren't driving in a remote area.

This is the 3rd time, we've had a problem with the Focus. The first was front suspension - expensive. The 2nd was a blown thermostat gasket which resulted in catastrophic radiator fluid loss - also expensive. Both turn out to be common Focus problems. This car has only has 70k miles! Our last Ford, a 1994 Escort had 140K miles before we sold it. Not one major problem with the Escort. Seems like Ford is on a downhill slide. Ford (fix or repair daily) will have to come up with something I really want before I buy another vehicle from them. Ford, are you listening?

On a positive note, I stopped by Starr's Clothing on Pearl Street today. Starr's is a local & independent Boulder clothing company. I ALWAYS walk out with more clothing than I intended buying - and I HATE shopping. Starr's has a great selection with great service! Support them!