16 December 2009

Deep into Robber's Roost Country

We went deep in Robber's Roost - out to the Orange Cliff / High Spur area. 60 miles off pavement to get in. Chris, Sara & Emma Haaland went with us. Beautiful Utah country.

The girls had to take turns going first. Somehow Emma slipped by Julia. This didn't go over well with Julia. That's what is going on in this photo.

We did most of the E Fork of Big Spring Canyon, along with the W Fork. We climbed out fo the East Fork when we got to a swimmer pothole. It looked like it was getting nasty after that. Nasty meaning wet, narrow and too hard for the kids. NE Spur Fork was a great canyon also w/ some good narrows at the beginning and end.

All the pics here!
Slideshow here.

04 December 2009

Thanksgiving 2009!

We had a great time in Illinois this year. Trips to Chicago. Great Greek food. Set Dad & Mom up with a new computer - 23" monitor. Coming up is Dad's 80th birthday. He'll be able to keep up w/ everyone on Facebook. We swung by St. Louis on the way back for an evening and morning. Good to see Janet & the kids and Tom. They're great! We wish we could spend more time with everyone.

Here's some more pics of Thanksgiving day.