26 June 2009

June Climbing Trips - finally!

After couple of days climbing locally, it seems my tendonitis is holding up. It's been about 19 months since I've climbed consistently. I'm hoping it's not a "false summit" - like 2 other times.

So AWAY we GO on climbing trips! Yeah - easy climbing for me. First trip was to Shelf Road - between Canon City and Cripple Creek. Here's a few pics I shot and this is a fun video I shot of Julia climbing. Turn up the volume and you'll hear the never ending song of birds.

Last weekend's trip was to Vedauwoo. Vedauwoo is a special place between Cheyenne and Laramie. Beautiful granite formations among meadows, Ponderosa, Fir and Aspens. The Coopers family - Tom, Karen & Jessica, joined us. Pics are here . This is a great shot of Jessica climbing.

01 June 2009

Memorial Day Utah & Canyoneering Trip - 2009

Although wet and muddy, this was a great trip! Clare Shemeta & her kids, Mia & Russell joined us for the weekend. A muddy camp in in front of the San Rafael Reef got the trip off to a .. well muddy start.

We did a fun loop hike in Natural Bridges Nat. Park between Sipapu Bridge and Kachina Bridge. The water really added to the beauty.

In spite of the weather, we mnaged to squeeze Fry Canyon in. The kids kept saying "Awesome" as we got underway. When we had to swim the wet sections, the reactions varied between kids. I caught a nice one of Julia here:

More pics HERE!


BEAR! I heard something at the front door. Too late for a human visitor so it must be an animal. Yep. I see it now. Black and about 2 feet high at the shoulder - a yearling.

.. and it was heading for the garage ..
which was open .. which had garbage. Dang! By the time I ran to the other end of the house, the bear was dragging the garbage can outside. Mia started banging pots while I stepped into the garage (w/ door in hand) to see who intimidated who more. The bear stood it's ground. I looked around for something to throw but couldn't find anything close. I knew that if the bear got the lid off the can, it would be a problem forever. Finally, it backed off as I yelled from the top of the stairs and Mia dented the pans together. Finally, I rescued the can but the bear was holding it's ground about 15 feet away. I pulled the can inside and shut the garage door as it finally ran off.

I love bears but I think this one is going to be a pest.