01 June 2009


BEAR! I heard something at the front door. Too late for a human visitor so it must be an animal. Yep. I see it now. Black and about 2 feet high at the shoulder - a yearling.

.. and it was heading for the garage ..
which was open .. which had garbage. Dang! By the time I ran to the other end of the house, the bear was dragging the garbage can outside. Mia started banging pots while I stepped into the garage (w/ door in hand) to see who intimidated who more. The bear stood it's ground. I looked around for something to throw but couldn't find anything close. I knew that if the bear got the lid off the can, it would be a problem forever. Finally, it backed off as I yelled from the top of the stairs and Mia dented the pans together. Finally, I rescued the can but the bear was holding it's ground about 15 feet away. I pulled the can inside and shut the garage door as it finally ran off.

I love bears but I think this one is going to be a pest.

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