26 February 2006

Bob & Steve go ice climbing

At 6am, Bob Wood came in the kitchen door without knocking. It's -15F he said. I said OUCH. We drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park for a little ice climbing. We had to stop at an elk roadblock for a minute (picture to right). Here's another picture of 23 elk.

Luckily the temps had warmed up a bit. It was now a balmy -2F. The two mile hike to Loch Vale warmed us up. We found a nice 50' section to practice on. Bob hadn't ice climbed for awhile and neither had I. In fact, I hadn't climbed ice since before my accident in 1997. Except for times when we swung our tools like our grandmothers (Bob's phrase), it went well ... except it was a wee nip cold. Thanks Bob for dragging me out!!

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