08 November 2006

BoyZrUs Canyoneering Trip: E-W Fork of Butler Canyon and Exploring the Unknown

Trip type: BoyZrUs
Participants: Chris Haalend, Bob Wood, Chuck Heywood, Steve Mestdagh

Exploring the unknown is a lot of work. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. The image at left was taken at the top of the canyon that looked decent enough to do. We didn't go all the way down since it would have taken another day to get back to our car. We did go to the end of the technical section though (the navajo/kayenta layer overhanging rappel).

Sunday, we did the East fork of the West Fork of Butler Canyon aka Foolin' Around. This had four narrow slot sections. After the 3rd section, I was geting bored. More action was needed. The last section was great. Some tough chimneying was required to bypass an early wet, very narrow section. We could see the chimneying went on for a long ways. In the interest of time, we finally went down and got wet. One section of swimming but otherwise no deeper than the waist. The image left is Bob showing off excellent form. Judging by his face, he must have been shocked by his good style also. ;-)

Trip pics here!

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