21 March 2007

Julia at 4-3/4 years old

How old are you Julia?
I'm 4-3/4 years old. (actually she's almost 5 at this point)

After she doesn't do as she's told, Mia asks: What good are you for?
Julia answers: I'm not good for anything. Just for Bussis and hugs. (Bussis is German for kisses)
We laugh good and hard at that reply.

Julia logs onto the computer by herself with her password and says things like - The browser isn't working right. Pretty funny. Not all is good though. She can be really obstinate and is not fun if she doesn't get her way. Julia's independent streak is almost scary. When we camp out, she gets bored of us fast and goes to other campsites looking for a captive audience. We had to set some ground rules around this new activity. She worries me a bit. I wonder where the future will lead her.

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