17 July 2007

Bouldering in the Valley .. that's the San Luis Valley

We found the SLV is host to GREAT bouldering.

We found square miles of boulders at Elephant Rocks, 1st photo on left. A little searching is required to find the better rocks because Elephant Rocks is an absolute maze! I can see creating some convoluted bouldering/ orienteering/ running circuits here. Just need some time ... Location is here!

The boulders under South Eagle Rock are built of cobbles & pockets of joy. See middle photo. Christy said it's like a combination of Maple Canyon and El Rito. The bouldering is a friggin' riot. At the top of every problem, we'd be saying - Wow, that was fun! There is good bouldering for kids too, see right photo above. We found this out the scary way. Julia yelled - Mama, Papa, I'm on top. Mia & I looked at each other and said - On top of what? as we scrambled to find which boulder she was on top of. Oh man! - what have we created?!

Oh, I forgot to mention that some of the boulders under South Eagle Rock (photo, topo) are big, bigger than some sport climbs. What is really fascinating though is what I'm calling South Eagle Rock itself. [Bob D'Antonio's guide to SLV describes the boulders as being under Eagle Rock. This is incorrect, at least in the old 1994 guide that I have. Later, we found the real Eagle Rock (photo, topo)]. If South Eagle Rock is of good quality as the boulders below, it needs attention!

Click on the photo mosaic above for more pictures!


Another boulderer said...

Cool looking boulders. I love bouldering in the Valley, but have not been to those under South Eagle Rock. What obscure roads do you take to get to those boulders? Thanks.

Steve Mestdagh said...

Sorry my topozone links don't work anymore. What I call South Eagle Rock is here (between Penitente Canyone and Del Norte):
Just South of the prominent point and north of the creek are the boulders. You can see them from the road (which is just south of the creek).
Where are you from?

Another boulderer said...

I'm from Boulder. I go down there regularly to boulder (see this post on bouldering in the San Luis Valley). Looks like you need to go on La Garita Creek road... Some of those roads you just get lost on. I'll have to do some more exploring. Thanks.