20 May 2008

Rappelling Off a Wedged Pebble

This was one of our blitz weekend trips to Utah. The Haaland & Wood families brought their kids, Emma and Garett. Bob also brought his dog, Jupiter, which quickly stole my headlamp off the tailgate and it didn't stop there. Let's just say the the weekend was great .. otherwise!

We did the North Fork of No Man's Canyon on Saturday while Chris hiked with the kids. The high point was the 130 foot rap off a wedged pebble. It was backed by a small hex. This was one of my first undocumented descents a number of years ago.

Sunday we did the Lost Springs Fork (LSF) of the South Fork of Robber's Roost Canyon while the girls took the kids down the north variation. We met near the junction. The LSF is a nice bang for the buck with 4 short rappels and nice downclimbing. The kids had a lot of fun chimneying down the northern variation.

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