09 April 2009

Julia wants pierced ears

6 YO Daughter: Mama, can I have my ears pierced?
Mama: It's ok w/ me but talk to your papa.
6 YO Daughter: Papa, can I have my ears pierced?
Me: Sure, no problem
6 YO Daughter: Thanks Papa. You're a good papa.
... she skips away
... she skips back
6 YO Daughter: Can we go now?
Me: Now? I was thinking when you're 12 years old
6 YO Daughter: Papa! We need to talk! I want them pierced for my 7th birthday.
Me: Oh, that's different. What about 11 years old?
6 YO Daughter: Everyone in my class has pierced ears.
Me: You don't want to be the same as everyone else do you?
6 YO Daughter: Papa!
Me: What about 10 years old?
6 YO Daughter: Papaaaa !!!

It's looking bleak for me with the 2 gals against me. I'm saving my best line for last though: "I own your ears until you are 12 years old! ;-)

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