26 August 2010

Climbing in Fremont Canyon, WY

Fremont Canyon is a special place. It's a narrow granite gorge channeling the North Platte River. The North Platte (wikipedia) is one heck of an interesting river. It takes a long time and 3 states, Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska, before if finally marries the South Platte to form the Platte.

Mia & I haven't climbed there for at least 15 years. Besides a new picnic shelter and crapper, it hasn't changed much. The river was big this year. Imagine getting lowered to a spot 100' above the river and hoping you can climb back out!

The climbing is definitely scenic, as well as the camping. You can't see the gorge behind our camp but it's there and 250' deep at that!

A few more pics are here! There's even a decent climbing pic that Julia captured - to prove we are still at it. Oh yeah, definitely look at these guys and how they bring their dogs on their ATVs. I couldn't stop laughing!

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