02 May 2006

April BoyZrUs Canyon Trip

A good BoyZrUs trip was had! Canyoneering, cigars and guns. Hip boots were needed when it got deep in the evening. Bill, Bob, Chuck & I did another UD (undocumented) canyon in Utah's Robber's Roost region as well as the Lost Springs Fork of the South Fork of Robber's Roost canyon (documented).

UD canyons are always exciting after first rappel when the rope is pulled ... leaving no retreat. It was a 5 mile approach slog though so it better be exciting. Although it was good, I (we) have done better.

The next day was better, even though we'd know we'd live through it. Lost Springs Fork was great. We returned via the fork to the the South. We did some of this return canyon, with the young 'uns, a few weeks ago, as described here.

The pic to the left is Bob looking as grim as possible in Lost Springs. After all, canyoneering is serious stuff when there's a 1000 ft drop below your feet. Yah, right ;-) As usual, click on the image for the full Bob effect.

The album of trip pics is here.

1 comment:

... Bob said...

Well, you'de look grim too if you were looking at what I was, being Steve of course ;-)

Actually I was hamming it up a bit - I've been looking for a new photo for our corporate namefinder tool and thought a "more serious" picture than the usual silly grin would be appropriate. Perhaps a little too serious here, eh? "Hi, I'm from corporate and I'm here to help ..."

As usual, great weekend in the desert, although the no-see-ums ate me alive - Spring has sprung!