25 May 2006

First waterfight of the year

I have a miserly, pitiful little grass patch out back. I planted native gamma & fescue last year. For the soil, I mixed in imported flatlander soil with the natural rock, granite gravel and clay. The non-native cheat grass was working it's way back into my loved 60 sq. ft. patch.

While pulling the cheat grass, Mia was watering the deck plants. BAM! She hit me full bore w/ the high pressure nozzle. I was caught fully off guard and pissed. I circled around and turned the water off, grabbed the hose, turned it on and went on the offensive. Retaliation is good, eh? Of course, the living room got plastered as I soaked Mia sliding thru the doors.

I went back to pulling the cheat grass when Julia came out and sprayed me with the remaining pressure. The pressure was short lived so I went back to the pulling. After a bit, I sensed it was too quiet. I looked up and into the barrel of the hose. Julia had quietly turned the valve back on. BAM! She nailed me! Then it was my turn. I wasn't too tough on her but she was dripping and laughing after I was done.

She'll be a worthy adversary when she gets a bit larger and quicker. What fun!

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