01 August 2006

Coyote attacks fawn behind the house

I heard an urgent, distressed and disturbing loud EEEEE, EEEEE, EEEEEE repeatedly and jolted awake. Something was after something else and the something else was making EEEEE sounds. From the bed, I could see a bunch of deer standing around below. Then I saw a wagging tail, legs moving around in the air, the bunched deer racing away and then creeping back up .. and everything was repeated and repeated again.

My view wasn't that great so I put on my leg, interrupted Mia from her morning tea and we went out back as I told her what I saw. I was pretty sure it was a coyote due to the wagging tail. Not long enough and too shaggy for a mountain lion. I think anyway... Then Mia saw the coyote run off. I'm glad it wasn't a lion. We don't need that kind of tension again.

The deer stayed around for an hour w/ one or two coming back all day. I guess deer mourn also. Interestingly, all the deer were does. One doe was making quiet deep sounds. Maybe the mama.

As sad as it is, we have too many deer and this is a good thing. The overpopulation of deer attract mountain lions. Lions are bad thing!


Tonya said...

That's too bad :( That would be really distressing to listen to/watch. Though nature is nature I suppose, and it isn't always sweet and pretty.

What's really strange about it, however, is that for a coyote to kill an animal and NOT feed on it or drag it back to the den would be really rare, bizarre behavior. Even when challenged they'll usually guard their kill unless it's clear they're overwhelmed.

Wonder what was up.

Steve Mestdagh said...

Those coyotes are pretty shy animals. It took off when we approached. Only my wife saw it run, I didn't. It came back later to feed. Not much left of it now.