02 August 2006

Julia sets up the cards her way

While I was eating breakfast, Julia says: Let's play Uno, Papa. I said get it ready and we'll play one game before I start work.

She setup 5 cards on each side and we start to play like normal. She hits me with a +2 draw right away and giggles. I pick up 2 and put down 1. She doesn't have a matching card so she puts down a wild card. Wow, I said, that's a good hand! I don't have a match so I pick one. She hits me me w/ a +2 draw again. I pick up 2, put down 1. I'm starting to wonder. She's giggling pretty consistently by this point. Another wild card from her and I ask: Did you stack the deck? I don't think she knows what this means but she says Yes and giggles more while finishing me off with another +2 draw card. Where does she learn this stuff?

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