03 January 2006

About this blog !

This blog's purpose is to document the life and interests of Steve, Margit & Julia Mestdagh. We live in Boulder, Colorado. Our passions are climbing, backcountry skiing and canyoneering. Margit has been climbing since 1980 and Steve since 1976.

Julia changed our active lifestyle since she was born in 1999. Julia is included in as much of our adventures as she is able .... and willing. Expect to see a lot of dispatches about Julia.

Most of our posts will be family based but we take individual trips occasionally. Also Margit is a great cook and I hope she shares some of her passion for that here. Steve will be also be posting on happenings around the home, vehicles and maybe some computer tech stuff as well.

Julia is too young to write up a dispatch but it won't be long ...

Margit grew up in Berchtesgaden, Germany. Steve grew up mostly in what used to be rural Illinois, Homer Township. Due to a alpine climbing accident in 1997, Steve is a below the knee amputee. Mostly you can't tell unless he's wearing shorts.

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