29 January 2006

A nice ski to Heart Lake area

Julia and Garett, Bob and Inge Wood's son, had a play day. This left us free for a day skiing. George Lemkuhl & Jim Langsted joined us for a ski up to Heart Lake.

We met at the East Portal trailhead at 10:00 in car rocking wind conditions. Until we reached the trees, it was grim. George, 63, skied up the steep trail without skins. He's our hero, even with his bad jokes and self made, high friction wallet protector. As we skied, George told me all, and I mean all, about the radio frequency based ISP he's involved with in Coal Creek Canyon. Also he told me all, and I mean all, about the balloon and satellite equipment his amateur radio club sends up.
Jim and George are cohorts in this stuff. Pretty interesting.

After 3 hours of uphill, we called it good between Roger's Pass Lake and Heart Lake. Beautiful spot. We geared up for the downhill fun, then did it. It was a bomb run, baby!! I caught air a few times and I wasn't even trying. Afterwards, we drove to the Stage Stop Saloon at Rollinsville for a bowls of chili and beers. More pictures found --> here.
Here's an overview map. The trail heads SW from East Portal.

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