31 January 2006

Two more trees

Last Sunday, I dropped two more Ponderosa Pines. They were about 10" and 12" in diameter but not healthy. They were sucking water away from a nice Douglas Fir and another Ponderosa. If we don't get some serious snow this spring, the trees are going to need all the help they can get. The turpentine, pine bark and IPS beetles have made their mark on our property. The beetles are minor so far but a hurting tree won't survive a serious attack.

These two trees bring my total to 905 trees cut. Our 1.8 acre property was a bit dense with trees when we moved up here in 1999. Fire mitigation was my first priorty. Thin out the trees and low limb the rest. It took me 7 years but I'm getting close. Tall, skinny trees down by the road still need some work.

Now I need to have the BMFPD chip the branches and I have to rent a log splitter. Up to now, I've split my own but I have too many logs to split by muscle. Then I have to stack.

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