07 June 2006

Chipmunk Frenzy in Pine Brook Hills

1st Incident today:
Working in a home office makes it tough not to notice the wildlife. Today, I moved the laptop to the deck. I heard a very unusual bird call. Walking closer to the sound, I saw a chipmunk. Not the usual chipmunk mind you .. but a chipmunk with something large growing around it neck. I followed it around the garage to get a better look. A second chipmunk was wrapped around it's neck OR in it's teeth. Hard to tell. It ran under a boulder so I can only speculate. Could it be a cannibal chipmunk?

2nd Incident today:
Mia & I were talking on the deck. We heard some squeaks. We turned around to see a chipmunk falling to the deck. Did it fall off the tree? Was it dropped by a bird? Did it lose a fight to another chipmunk on the roof? In any case, it lay on it's back unmoving. Poor chipmunk. It didn't look good. 30 seconds went by while we watched it. I slowly approached. It jumped up, jumped off the deck (a 3 ft drop) and sprinted away.

What is going on here this year?

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