01 June 2006

The Past: Blocking a school bus

While dozing this morning at 5 am, I was confronted with a random scene from my past. It must have been from 1986 because this was Mia's first Southwest trip.

We were driving through the Navajo Nation in Arizona, asleep at the wheel and desperately looking for a place to pull the truck over. Yet another sandy road looked good as the last. I didn't want to pull off the road because I only had 2WD. You see where this is going .. We crashed in the back of the truck and slept hard. I dreamt there was a horn, very load and persistent. Did I say persistent? My haze slowly dissolved as I slowly realized the horn's loudness and pesistence were not from my dream.

I looked around and there was a school bus full of native american kids wanting to get past. We dressed quick like, threw the climbing gear from the front to the back and got out of the way. The bus drove by with all the kid's eyes on us.

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