26 June 2006

Monitor Rock - climbing, camping & fishing

Beautiful weekend. Mia, Julia and I drove up to Twin Lakes area Friday evening. We found a nice camp site in the Lakeview NF campground. Saturday morning, we hooked up w/ Bob, Inge and their son Garett. Scott and his grand daughter, Jade met up with us later. After Mia led a warm up, which felt hard to me, I somehow sketched up a sick, thin 10d. No stick clipping the first bolt for me though. Dumb as a brick, I would have busted my good leg if I fell. For sure, not 10d for short guys like me. Bob & Inge climbed awesome - pretty much off the couch.

The kids had fun swinging on the rope. Definitely click on photo for the full Julia effect. It was Jade's first time camping and climbing. Later she caught a trout, first cast. It was a whopping 14" (minus 10"). Some kids have all the luck. Bob actually caught a couple fish. Eight inches he said, hands spread apart the width between his wrist and elbow. :-) My reply won't be mentioned here. Hah!

More pics here.

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