25 July 2006

I'll be a stunt man!

I'm almost afraid to write this up until it happens. A friend of a friend turned me on to a talent agency that's looking for a right legged amputee climber. That's me! How many of us are there? Not many. So I got the job!

In a nutshell, there's a bluegrass band involved and I'll be the stunt man for an army guy that lost his leg in Afghanistan - landmine. I'm not sure who is supporting who. Sounds like sort of a MTV / DVD skit. They sent me the "treatment". The treatment is a rough sketch of what will happen. I don't want to blow my luck so I won't say more.

I sent them pics & my clothe sizes. They asked if my hair length is still the same as in the pictures. I said: yeah, it's normal length. They said get it cut to NORMAL length! I said ok. (Hey, they're paying me to climb.)

I was going to let Julia have fun and cut my hair. Then I'd finish it up w/ a #2 beard trimmer. Mia said: No way!

I got it cut today. When the barber was finishing it up, I asked (without my glasses on): Is this going to make me look more mature? She said: Most definitely.

When Mia saw it, she said: Wow! It turns out Wow means bad :-)
A picture will be forthcoming.

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