13 July 2006

SW Colorado family trip - part 2 & Julia's 1st 13K summit

Engineer Pass, between Lake City & Animas Forks - N. of Silverton, was pretty mellow on the east side. I wasn't seeing any full size trucks coming from the opposite direction though. This made me a bit nervous. The scenery was fantastic though. Mia rolled her eyes at every water fall I stopped at. There were many!

We parked at the top of the pass, enjoyed the view and headed up North of the pass to tag the nearest summit. Julia hiked up all the way. She liked the scrambing at the top. It was her first 13,000 ft peak. We was really impressed! The 2nd picture is Julia & I at the summit.

The Animas Forks, West side, of the pass was more interesting. A real shelf road with less places to pass and some steep switchbacks. Not really a challenge for Bump, the rig, but I didn't want any real scares either. That would come later, unexpectedly.

Animas Forks is definitely worth a visit. (Really, you drive right by it, why not?) There's been a lot of restoration work ... and much more to do. Here's a heck of an artistic picture I took, looking South, from inside a cabin.

Lessee, maybe that's enough for part 2.

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