30 January 2007

reduced snow forecast for rest of season because ...

We finally did it - bought a snow thrower. This pretty much dictates a lower than normal snowfall for the rest of the season!

Although shoveling a 325 ft. long drive is great excercise, it's tough when I have to balance problems at work with shoveling. When Mia can't get out of the drive, shoveling takes precedence. Also, it's not great on a marital relationship if the spouse's shoveling strategies DO NOT MATCH. With all the snow this season, this was a problem .. and the real reason we broke down and bought one. ;-) No more problems now. When it dumps, it's MY job. Probably better that way, anyway. I like the outside chores.

Oh yeah, the specs - 9-1/4 HP, double stage, 26" width, 6 forward gears, 2 reverse. It even has a "locking" differential. Wish my truck had it so good! Should be fine for most storms. If it's not, I'll let my displeasure AND the brand be known!

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