18 January 2007

Something new - meditation for beginners ...

Yesterday evening, Mia & I did something different. We tried a beginner's meditation class at the Shambhala Meditation Center. Yeah, it's Buddhist but meditation isn't necessarily based on religion, I thought.

Just to be safe, I wore my most obnoxious "Unorthodox Pagan" T-shirt under a light jacket. I figured if someone tried to convert me, I'd rip off my jacket and not have to say a word. No one tried to convert us though. Actually, Helen the instructor, said that
meditation isn't based on religion.

We were instructed to become comfortable on the pillows. Helen saw my leg sticking out - looking uncomfortable. She asked if I had a problem bending it. I said yes. She said that I might be able to prop it up with a pillow. As I laughed, I said that I can do better than that. I can take it off. Mia later said because I laughed, other's laughed but their faces were shocked & astonished at the circus trick I pulled. When I didn't put my leg back on, they decided the trick wasn't a trick.

The fun being done, Helen moved us along. It was a good intro to meditation. Though our backs ached afterwards, we'll do more of it - certainly!

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