07 March 2006

How to get a child into her pajamas quick

Abstract: This is about how to get a Rug Rat into her/his jammies quick-like.

The subject under study is my daughter, Julia. Julia is almost 4. She sometimes will take 10 minutes to get into her jammies. She is unfocused in the process of putting on her jammies. She is a master of delaying tactics. Frequently, I need to help.

Goal: Improve the process time of clothing removal and putting on jammies

Current Best Result: 95 seconds improved from an average time of 7 minutes. This assumes normal initial conditions.

Initial Conditions: No more than 1 pullover, 1 shirt, 1 pair pants and 1 pair undies. Note that socks do not count. Jammies are right side out before initializing stopwatch.

Operations resulting in this miracle: Kids are interested in mechanical things and games. The stopwatch was really cool in both categories. It is a big game to beat the stopwatch. Improvements in clothing removal and putting on jammies occurred immediately. Last night was 2 minutes. Tonight was 95 seconds.

Ending Comments: With practice, the child will improve more and more. The limit is, of course, asymptotic to a specific, much improved, time. The child will, of course, lose interest much before this. In the meantime, enjoy it.

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