12 March 2006

A quick ski up Butler's Gulch

Charlie's daughter, Jaimie, was willing to babysit Julia while Charlie, Margit and I skied. A quick trip to Butler Gulch was in order. The snow was great, even if a bit heavy. It was snowing a bit and best of all, little wind. At timberline, we switched into downhill mode. Skins were stripped off and I put my brace on. (The brace connects my prosthetic lower leg with my thigh.) Then we cut our own tracks through knee deep snow coming down.

I was a bit hesitant on my new ski gear. The boards turned well on powder, though. I just need to control my speed and build my confidence in modern gear. Here another shot of Charlie and I. No he's not really that tall. He just standing uphill from me. Hah!

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