09 March 2006

Mountain Lion tracks

This morning, I walked down to get the paper. We had a few inches of snow yesterday and overnight. A line of tracks headed down the drive. Backtracking, I saw they came from the property below, 1981 Timber Lane. I suspected a mountain lion because the tracks were round and large. I walked back to the drive and picked up the paper. The tracks continued down Wild Horse Circle.

Back in the house, I found a site comparing mountain lion tracks to dog tracks. Definitely a lion. Here's another picture from the drive.

I've add another mountain lion post, so I put all the track pics in one photo album here.


Anonymous said...

Nice clean print - perhaps next time when you grab the camera, bring along a ruler or a quarter, something to act as a reference in the picture for the size of the paw print. I'm very curious for our wildlife expert to estimate the size of the lions walking through PBH. AM

Steve Mestdagh said...

I thought about the ruler afterwards. I'll make sure I use one next time. Thanks.