11 September 2006

Climbing at Wild Iris, Wyoming

You'd think with 7 climbers, we could get some decent climbing pics but no! All I have is a nice shot of a vacant Cowboy Poetry wall, right - click to enlarge, and a beautiful sunset.

It was nice to go as a group of parents with kids. The kids sure liked it! We climbed with Cammie & Steve Muller, Linda & Helmut Tsingstad and Dianne Dallin.

Driving home we took the scenic route to avoid the Labor Day traffic. From I-80, we headed South to Saratoga, Wy and stopped. Yes, we had a problem. My fishies, Mia and Julia, just had to go the the local hot springs. The hot springs adjoin the public pool which is not hot. Hot springs are free, pool isn't. Saratoga is a nice, Mayberry like community.

After the dip, we drove south through North Park in Colorado. Walden to Grandby to Grand Lake and over Trail Ridge road to Estes Park and home. It was a beautiful drive and no traffic. Longer? Yeah but it was worth it!

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