06 September 2006

The great Mid-Atlantic / New England road trip

The excuses for this road trip are pictured at right - Aunt Beverly and Uncle Tom Kohlhepp! A once-in-a-lifetime family reunion in Baltimore, Maryland. (Mary Ann Bacon was also a major force in organizing the reunion. I've never met her though).My Mom, rest her soul, grew up in Baltimore. I'd see over 120 relatives. Many I haven't seen in 40 years to never! Couldn't pass this up.

Mia & I talked and ran the numbers. If we flew, our options would be limited and more expensive. If we drove ... well, we could camp, climb and explore the East like we do in the West, in theory anyway. Also we could visit my parents in Illinois enroute, in both directions ... and it would be cheaper. Decision made. Three weeks vacation hesitantly obtained.

For those who want to see the pictures NOW, instead of wading through subsequent posts ...

Look here!

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