06 September 2006

Once in a lifetime family reunion

The O'Hara/ Kohlepp reunion was pretty overwhelming. Most of the relatives were from the East. I knew Uncle Tom and Aunt Beverly. The Gruendel's from St. Louis were there as well as my sister, Laura, and her daughters, Sarah and Christine. So I knew 10 people by face.

I remembered many more and I met them. Based on the family history, I figured the reunion would be a beer sloshing event w/ sloppy hugs, pats on the back and hilarious laughter filling the hall. The beer was almost absent. Everyone was intent on figuring out what family line the next person was born from. It was great! I remember 2 older girl relatives visiting us, in Illinois, from Baltimore when I was young. I re-met Ann Marie and Joyce. What a pleasure! I remember having a crush on Ann Marie and told her so. We got a good laugh out of it!

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