08 September 2006

Maine, Lobster and the Sea

We drove over the Kancamagus Highway thru the White Mountains to get to Maine. Everyone we had met said it was spectacular. For us westerners though, it was mundane. Lot's of trees and nice views but ... When the leaves change, I'm sure it's beautiful.

Every time we visit a new region, we think how it would be to move there. I was really excited about Maine. Living on a remote rocky coast, living with the changing of the tides ... I could move to a place like that, if there was climbing nearby.

It was not to be. While the towns & sea were beautiful, it was hard to see the nature without wearing special blinders. These blinders would have to change the rows on houses on the shores to rock and trees.

Anyway we found many spots of beauty and one damn good lobster joint. It was great sitting outside, at a picnic table, watching the gulls over the bay as we ate lobster. Sharing the table, was a family that knew how to eat lobster. They showed us how! The lobster joint was so busy, I'd feel bad publicizing it. Send me a mail if you're interested in location.

Acadia National Park was a place of beauty, see the 2nd picture. Visit during the week because parking is limited. Good climbing too. Most climbs are accessed from the top of the cliff, meaning you have to rappel down or be lowered off. Both techiques were needed when Julia climbed, since I went down with her (see below). Here's another spectacular picture of an unknown climber at Acadia NP.

All Maine pictures are here.

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