21 December 2006

A bit of snow .. and a bit more

A pretty decent storm swung through over the last few days. Denver Int'l shut down, as well as most of the major roads in Central and Eastern Colorado. We got a bit of white at the house too. The picture shows the walkway in back of the house - or what is usually a walkway.

After chaining up this morning (yeah, luckily we used the redneck truck & chain snow pack method yesterday), we drove Julia to daycare. It took awhile to understand why there were so many snow covered lumps alongside of the road. They were PARKED CARS.

Driving around Boulder was eerie. Very few vehicles on the road or in the stores. People were just walking down the middle of the roads. I'm a crappy photojournalist. I forgot my camera. It would have made for great pics.


Anonymous said...

Cool snow pic -- we're stuck up here in Fort Collins, as well. Isn't living in Colorado fun?

Steve Mestdagh said...

It'd be more fun if I didn't have to shovel so much snow. I have to get a snow blower ... BTW, I checked your blog. You really got some serious snow up there!