04 December 2006

Who names these towns?

This last trip we drove through most of the mispronounced towns in Colorado. There's Buena Vista, pronounced Bieuna Vista - not like the normal Spanish Bu-ena. There's Saguache, pronounced Sawatch. Montrose is Mont-rose, not Mon-trose. Finally there's Ridgway. They forgot the damn 'e'. It's Ridgeway folks. Get a clue!

Actually the abnormalities are fun. Easy to tell whose been around too .. by the way folks say the names.
Yep, head on South down past Bieuna Vista. Drive over Poncha Pass. Turn West at the junction to Sawatch. Head NW to Gunny and Mont-rose. Then kick South to Ridgway without an 'e'. Yep. That's all folks.

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