29 December 2006

The hammer has stopped! ... I think

16" later .. see if you can spot the drive?

I went down to check on the paper .. yeah, I was dreaming. Total silence. The new snow absorbed all sound ...

Walking up Wild Horse Circle, I had a great easterly view over Boulder, see 2nd picture. Hard to believe we're only 4.5 miles from downtown, Canyon & Broadway.

Not all fun though. Lot of shoveling today. I took care of my critical work, then joined Mia outside - shoveling. At this point, it sounds like we won't get much more snow.

Secretly though, I hope for another 16" ...

1 comment:

Isis said...

Sorry you couldn't find the newspaper..... Good luck with the shoveling, and I have passed your message along to Sean, so (if he gets his internet act together), he'll be in touch.

Happy new year in the meantime.