04 December 2006

Pre-thanksgiving in Crestone

Spending time in our Crestone place is always nice. This was the first time working down there though. The next renter needed an internet connection. Good for us since we can work here now too! The install of the wireless antennae, and modem, was pretty painless thanks to Fairpoint Communications. All we needed was a line of sight to Cedar Park, about 10 miles away. The wireless broadband speed was faster than I expected and fine for work. Not much privacy working from the kitchen table but it's nice to turn my head and see Kit Carson and Challenger Point. (See image.)

Luckily it wasn't all work. Riding our bikes around the Baca Grande was a riot. The architectural styling of the houses are from upscale-and-don't-belong-here to I-want-that-place-now to you've-got-to-be-kidding-me. There are no building codes in Saguache County which adds to the house viewing fun. We also went to Zapata Falls for the first time. Not much water or ice this season. Still worth the views. Of course we had to stop at the Sand Dunes hot springs pool in Hooper on the drive back. Nice soaking up the views of Blanca Peak while soaking in the hot water.

Closer to Thankgiving, Julia helped Mia make an apple pie - which was for Thanksgiving eating in Ridgway. Here's a picture of Julia & Mia in action.

Thursday / Thankgiving morning we cleaned up for the renter and sadly drove off. Our home should be rented until next July. Long time for us to wait for a visit.

We drove to Saguache and took 114 over through the Cochetopa Hills and over North Pass to Gunnison and Ridgway. We haven't been on this road before. Amazing due to the variation in landscape. Beautiful also. I'd like to spend some time around here exploring. Definitely some rock climbing between North Pass and Gunnison.

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