04 December 2006

Thanksgiving, ice climbing, skiing and biking

We met at Chris, Sarah & Emma's place in Ridgway. Bob, Inga & Garett were already there. The kids played while Sarah pulled us out on a 20 mile bike before the meal. Nice ride on dirt roads under the San Juan mountains.

Bob cooked an excellent turkey while everyone else contributed the side dishes. Great meal! The camera fritzed out so couldn't get any pictures of the happy crew.

Next day, Mia, Inga and Sarah skied South Telluride Peak, 13,500, while Chris, Bob & I climbed the Ribbon. The Ribbon is a 3 pitch, WI4 line in the Ouray area. Being my first decent ice climb since I lost my leg, I seconded. Chris & Bob did great on their leads. What a riot to not be on the sharp end .. I need to fix up an ice/crampon foot though. It was too much fun .. and seconding gets boring fast. We couldn't believe it when the rope stuck at the top rappel. It's ice. Ice is slick. Bob headed down out of the ice fall zone while Chris re-lead the last pitch. A freak little loop hung up just at the anchor. It could never happen again. Just on our climb ...

We drove to Fruita the next day for more biking. Another dream day. Wish I had another week of vacation ..

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